Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DJ Bryan Jones

Bryan Jones is one of many Chicago house artists who is probably more well-known outside Chicago than in the city. With tracks licensed for mixes on several juggernaut collections such as Ministry of Sound, the Om Records mix series, two labels of his own, and some massive tracks favored by house heads everywhere, it seems like Bryan should have a bigger profile than he does! You may remember his collaborations with Mike Gillenwater under the name High Caliber, which included one of my favs, the funky filtered"The Jam", which was released on Olive Records in 2004. Basically Bryan knows house music like nobody's business and he brings his jackin', swingin' Chicago sound to this mix...it ain't a trend, Bryan's been doing it since day 1!
Please see comments for tracklist..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Calvin Harris

Frequent fibber Calvin Harris did not, as Shania would say, impress me much with his facetious and unnecessary debut album, I Created Disco. I found it self-indulgent, lacking of innovation, and basically a novelty record for British people. I had completely dismissed him as a poor man's Jamie Liddell until I heard this remix he did of The Hours "See The Light". To be completely honest I thought somebody had remixed Coldplay and I felt a little weird about liking it, but then I checked and it wasn't Gwyneth's squeeze after all. Calvin's treatment of the vocal, especially the chorus, is really shiny and wonderful. I wish you well Calvin, and I hope I learned my lesson about snap judgements because there could be more to come from one of the more interesting Scottish producers since Mylo, Calvin Harris.
The Hours "See The Light" (Calvin Harris Remix)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Belgian Beer

My last post got deleted by the thought police. RATS!!
Here's a nice French filtered remix of statdkind's "Killer Deffos" by Belgian Beer. I've been really getting into his sound lately especially after downloading a mix featured on Jean Moustaches' Coco Girlz blog.
Check it:
statdkind "Killer Deffos" (Belgian Beer remix)
Belgian Beer's Mix on FTF Radio:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sunshine from Australia!

Here's a mix to get you over the hump...from my friend Todd of White Dorks!
White Dorks Warm up Mix
  • Breakwater - Release The Beast
  • Jon S and Scottie B - Wild Turkeys
  • Mr Patron - Give_It_Up
  • Outmode - True (Born Tricky_Remix)
  • Nick Supply Ft NFA - She Rock N Roll (fRew Remix)
  • Funky Cherry - K-boy
  • DC - Magic Touch (Pleasure Machine Phunkae Remix)
  • Dj Masters Team - Uneca
  • House of Glass - Stone Fox Chase
  • Pryda - Rakfunk
  • Sharam - Texi



Monday, November 24, 2008


Interior of The Milwaukee Art Museum (Santiago Calatrava's first US project)

Just got back from Milwaukee and I'm feeling rested, happy, healthy and ready to rock out a short holiday week.
Here's a ray of sunshine for you to start your week. Its my boy Coralcola's 11 minutes of pure happiness mix of Matt & Kim's "Daylight". It will treat you right and make you smile.
Matt & Kim "Daylight" (Coralcola's 11 Minutes of Pure Happiness Mix)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rainbo Video

Run, don't walk, over to Video Pop blog, and grab the finest music that has come out of Chicago in a long, long time.
Rainbo Video blew the lid off my dome with what the man calls "automated process music" where, in his words, "whole words are broken down into their component syllables and become either sharp staccato stabs of pop, or soft, flowing pads of pop."
Also, in a breath of fresh air for my earnest self, none of the samples were used ironically! Eat that scenesters.
He's playing Dec 11 at Berlin on Belmont. Support.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Justus Köhncke

Seems like everywhere you turn, someone in the blog world is getting up in your grill piece, telling you how great the Aeroplane remix of Friendly Fires "Paris" is. Sure, it's an excellent take on the track, but there's another fantastic remix out there as well.
Justus Köhncke, the Cologne-residing producer responsible for the definitive 2004 German minimal / microhouse masterpiece Timecode, provides such a remix. Interestingly, he looks more like DJ Qualls than a club-smashing Deejay. Qualls, by the way, was shockingly a model prior to acting in Road Trip! The sound is distinctly German: incredibly high fidelity production values, neat, and no mistakes. Enjoy.
Friendly Fires "Paris" (Justus Köhncke Remix)
Justus Köhncke "Parage"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Diva Gash

If you are a fan of Beck or Plastilina Mosh or party music in general, I urge you to check out the best band in Colombia, Diva Gash. After being introduced to the Bogota-based group in May 2007 at a house party in Medellin (Marlon y Juan, gracias otra vez, nos vemos en el 2009!), I started checking out some of their music and its really tight. Its exactly what you'd want to hear in at 10 PM in a giant outdoor stadium with 100,000 screaming fans clutching cups of Costeña, gyrating to the music.
More to come on this exciting band (who will be playing SXSW festival in March of '09!).
Thanks to Patricia A. for the track!
Diva Gash "Korean Ho"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Phantom's Revenge, Part II

This is a mix I've been diggin' by France's finest, Phantom's Revenge. I don't have the track listing, but I know the first song is Pierce "Miss Your Tape" (Phantom's Revenge Remix), and a special thanks to the very lovely Alex of Sardinia for turning me onto the track via her youtube video page.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Phantom's Revenge

Beatconductor "Sumthin Betta" (The Phantom's Revenge Money Money Money rework)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird Tapes Forever

Ahh, my third Weird Tapes post. Three times is a charm, ladies and gents. This time Dayve graciously agreed to give me, crown prince of nobodies, an interview. Dayve Hawk is the New Jersey-based mastermind behind Hail Social and Weird Tapes. He pretty much blows me away with every new release; the list includes Get Religion, Nightstalking, and Summer of Worship. Get them all on his blog, they're free! The man's got a whole host of kung fu fighting styles and is able to trigger an emotional response with his music in a way few electronic artists are able. So break bread or fake dead and let's see what the most interesting and enigmatic man in American electronic music has to say to my idiotic questions:
  • Lindsaylovesme: Do you like the Beavis and Butthead?

  • Weird Tapes: I don't have a TV, I just watch the lights flicker on my synthesizers.

  • Lindsaylovesme: What is the best way to meet girls?

  • Weird Tapes: Go outside?

  • Weird Tapes: If you go anywhere near the shore it certainly seems that way. Luckily I live in the Pine Barrens area so I just have to deal with the Leeds devil.

  • Lindsaylovesme: Does Weird Tapes have a live show and is there any way I could pretend to be a roadie when you come to Chicago?

  • Weird Tapes: I don't have a live show. I'm not sure what other electronic musicians are actually doing "live". It seems kind of goofy to me. Maybe one day I'll get over it. I would like to come back to Chicago. I've only been there once but I had an amazing breakfast.

  • Lindsaylovesme: How do you define success?

  • Weird Tapes: Personally I'm pretty happy as long as my daughter is ok.

Thanks much to Dayve.







Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Hump Day Project


I didn't really get this whole baltimore thing, then some Australians started making some tracks and it started to make a lot more sense to me. Check out this jam, the break is unbelievable. I'm sure you've heard the vocals before. Thanks to Todd of White Dorks and I'm a Deckhead blog for the hookup!
  • The Hump Day Project "Watch the Way We Drop It"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Clifford Lidell

New Clifford Lidell mix. This time he's clocked in at an average of 44 seconds per song, with 51 tracks jammed into 38 minutes. Haven't even finished listening to it yet. I just know. Comments for tracklist.
Clifford Lidell "Secret Fever"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Louis La Roche

This is the kid everyone hated on because he thought he wrote a track so good that he could pass it off as Thomas Bangalter's work, much to the dismay of many blogs who reported it as if it were a Valentine's Day present from Half Daft. "Love" turned out to be written by a seventeen year old Brit named Brett. LLR's disco sample-heavy Peach EP, which is free on his myspace is great, but the new track "Be Brave" takes it to another level. I don't even have it but feel free to check the stream on DreamBigDreamFree and on his myspace:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Piano Mano

I think this is a candidate for best beat drop ever.
The Drill featuring Firetruck Antarctica "Piano Mano" (Club Mix)

Monday, October 6, 2008

5 Questions with DJ Pumpkin Patch

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome DJ Pumpkin Patch into the fold for a quick soundbyte. You might remember him for his Daft Crunk mixtape featured on Bigstereo or his more recent Summer Knights mix that we posted a couple months ago. Since then the gourd-like squash afficionado has been working on remixes of David Bowie, MGMT, and Earth, Wind and Fire, which we'll keep our eyes out for. He's also playing at this year's CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival in New York alongside acts like Cool Kids, Todosantos (who put on a mental live show!), and Talib Kweli. Let's get down to it and hear what Pumpkin's got to say!
  • lindsaylovesme: Living in New York, how has the sub-prime crisis affected your life and music? If you ever consider doing a Wall Street parody tune, can you give me a shoutout?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: In my day to day life, I don't really see any evidence that Wall Street exists, and I'm sure Wall Street has no idea that I exist. Living in New York has been a double edged sword in that it takes all of my money away so I can't buy more fun music toys, but she also provides me with never ending inspiration and opportunity to experiment with music and DJing. If Wall Street asked me to make a theme song for the markets, I would, and it would be awesome, and everyone would invest in it.
  • lindsaylovesme: Bushwick is being taken over by scenesters. Which neighborhood is next? How long until it is considered funky fresh to live in Queens, or will that never happen?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: I wouldn't say Bushwick is being "taken over" necessarily, I think it's more that realtors are tricking newbies into thinking that the knickerbocker M stop is in Williamsburg. Next hot hood - maybe Long Island City? The streets there smell like donuts.
  • lindsaylovesme: Do you know the true identities of Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Fake Blood, or Burial? Keeping it secret: Cool or not cool?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: Dude, I dont know who anyone is. Well that's not true, but I think the anonymity thing can be cool sometimes. But like anything, it's lame when people get too into it. If it's cool for Daft Punk to reveal their true names, it's cool if anyone does it. These guys, Claymation Velociraptor seem to be pretty good at keeping the secret, but I'm determined to find out who those handsome devils are...
  • lindsaylovesme: What's your day job?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: I work as an assistant in a post production recording studio. I am underpaid.
  • lindsaylovesme: Two parts: who is your favorite act coming out of Australia lately, and which artist or song in the blog world do you simply cannot stand? I've been hearing a lot of hate on Crookers and Girl Talk, what kind of music makes you furrow your brow when you walk into a club?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: Gotta be unoriginal on this and say Cut Copy. They are sort of a buzz band right now, but I really love their new album. People hate on their live show, but I saw them at Studio B a bit back and they were awesome. Not really my place to bash other artists, but there are a few sounds that are popular these days that I just can't deal with. So much shit has that "woooww woooww wooooww" bassline that is not melodic or interesting. It's just that sound that for some reason people keep overusing. I also hate when people put a bmore break over a classic rock track and call that a remix. Don't do that. Please.

Check out the track "Long Train Running" sampling track below (it sparkles and the production is most excellent!) and be sure to look out for DJ Pumpkin Patch in a blog and club near you!

DJ Pumpkin Patch "Doobie Bras"


Monday, September 29, 2008

Adrian Lux

Adrian Lux, apparently a hetero Swede, has made his way into my heart with a spooky, melodic, and yes, touching remix of one of my favorite cheese tracks of all time. Yes, that's you Eric Prydz, you are the cheesinator, the alpha male of the Swedish Velveeta scene, the caquelon to my fondue. I like this remix more than the original.
Pryda "Shadows" (Adrian Lux Bootleg)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guns N Remix

Being a tasteful fan of nuanced, reflective, cerebral music, I felt it time to check out some new Guns N' Roses remixes. I'm a bit partial to DJ Kue's rework of November Rain http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qxcmczzsizg but you might like the DLG vs. GnR version of "Welcome to the Jungle" just as much http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xwckujvvvey .

What's up with Chinese Democracy? Will the real album ever surface? Will it be any better than the sucky leaked versions we've heard so far? Two decades have passed since we developed our appetites for destruction, but its still one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time, innit? Use Your Illusion II was one of the first cassette tapes I bought that I'm not too embarrassed to talk about (Joe Public, Bette Midler, Kriss Kross, MC Hammer come to mind).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

I've been following this guy for a bit and I like some of his songs, especially his track "Time". His schtick is basically combining all out sonic assault with a biography from a cookbook...dude talkin bout "Do not overbake". I think his style is a bit rigid in the typical stiff Anglo mode, but the production value on the tracks is quite high and that's what sets CCC apart from the blog house massive. You can tell this is a professional musician and not just some dude who just plugged in a MacBook. Check out his remix of DJ DLG's Paramount (both the original and the more widely-traveled Rogerseventytwo remix are good also).

DJ DLG "Paramount" (Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix)



Friday, September 5, 2008

White Dorks

  • Oz, in my opinion, is the current world capital of modern music, having usurped France with the release of both the Cut Copy and Van She albums in the same year. Can't touch this. This week we have the privilege of talking to a couple of up-and-coming electronic producers from Sydney, Australia. White Dorks is the name and tech house and fidget is the game. Here we go with the 5Q, thanks again boys!

  • Lindsaylovesme: I like the name. It's a little on the self-deprecating side but it's cool. Have you guys been to stuffwhitepeoplelike.com? What are some white people things you are into?

  • White Dorks: Yeah, we love throwing up the fake gang signs and talking like the Snoop Dogg dizzle.

  • Lindsaylovesme: Why do you think the Australian music scene evolved so quickly, producing such fantastic music, with just a third of the population of the UK? You guys are making the rest of the world look bad!

  • White Dorks: I guess it’s the advancement in technology. It’s a lot easier than before to not only make music but to get it out as well, especially with the blogs. A lot of well known artists browse them and you can get noticed by the labels. I know a lot of Aussie artists who have been signed after getting lots of blog love...

  • Lindsaylovesme: Which new artists in Australia do you see on the verge of mp3 blog greatness?

  • White Dorks: Hump day project, Csk ok, The sniffles, Ghetto ruckus, Destroy Disco, Kid n bird.

  • Lindsaylovesme: As a Chicagoan, I hear "Do the Wobble" and it takes me back to the rave scene in the late 90s. What kind of feeling were you trying to capture with the song?

  • White Dorks: I've been listening to a lot of fidget and Baltimore recently which was an influence in this track. The piano sample was actually taken from an old rave record and I built it from there.

  • Lindsaylovesme: What is coming up next from you two in terms of remixes, original production, and shows? Do you guys have day jobs?

  • White Dorks: We have a few original tracks in the works and a just finishing a remix for Sydney lad r!m!e. A new mix cd is on the way too. We are playing at Shindig @ Value in Melb on the 13th Sept which is always fun. Midgets in Superman costumes serving shots and all. Crazy fun. Yeah we both have day jobs, we don't make enough money from music unfortunately. Hopefully one day I’ll make enough and quit the day job. Ahhhh...Live the dream.

  • Thanks again guys, and good luck with your little people in Superman costumes party (yes I am an avid viewer of "Little People, Big World" and the m word ain't cool). For a slice of Australian house happiness, check out "Do The Wobble", and also their new track "Two Birds One Stone".

White Dorks - "Do The Wobble"


White Dorks - "Two birds one stone"



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What happened to hip hop?

DJ Cable of Colchester, UK didn't forget about hip hop. I stumbled across this mix and this kingdom kat comes correct with some of my favorite hip hoperas. Here's the tracklist - nice and concise:

1. A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Tammy Lucas - 1nce Again
2. Common - Dooinit
3. The Pharcyde - Drop
4. Nas Feat. Ludacris & Doug E. Fresh - Virgo
5. Gang Starr - Full Clip
6. Nas - Nas Is Like
7. Q-Tip - Let's Ride
DJ Cable "Weekly Mix 31"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weird Tapes

The rhythym change at 1:14 really sealed it for me. Weird Tapes = unstoppable. Check out a free zipped file of the Weird Tapes EP "Get Religion" on the Hail Social blog.
Weird Tapes "Nikki"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

True Psuedo

This was unveiled by Missingtoof about 2 months ago but I kind of slept on it cos it was 8 weeks ahead of its time. I'm always looking for the future and this sounds like a 21st Century Guns N Roses somehow. Kind of a steady, building groove combining the best parts of house music and proto-punk with a dash of MSTRKRFT thrown in. Featuring the most sludge-like bassline I have heard in quite a while, here is definitive proof that bangers will be around a while.
True Psuedo "Eletone"

Thursday, August 14, 2008


With the highest fidelity sounds known to man, Los Hermanos bring the future out of the crumbled decay of Detroit. Check their new album:


And check the melody:

Los Hermanos "Quetzal"


Monday, August 11, 2008


Little did I know I could just sample the first five seconds of Junior Jack "Da Hype", loop it, call it 909, and all of a fudgin' I'm a house music producer. So here comes Disko Starz out of Los Angeles doing exactly that. Do you guys seriously think you can present this as your own track and not a 5 second looped snippet of Vito's 2003 club smash? But I must confess, I love JJ's velveeta processed cheese sound, and I wish he'd make another album. Also, I've listened to 909 over and over, I think Kerri Walsh is hot, and I almost considered going to art school.

Disko Starz "909"



Does anyone know how this magical Italian was able to create this song 30 years ago...apparently with a room full of wires and knobs that he somehow MacGyver'd together? He also did the Scarface theme, the theme to the 1984 Olympics, the score to The Never Ending Story, but my favorite is the track he wrote for Midnight Express - calling it before its time is like calling Michael Jordan a pretty good basketball player.

Check him out playing live on German TV 30 years ago:


Giorgio Moroder "The Chase"


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


More good things from Mexico, from Bufi, and from Le Touch blog. I really like Mexico City. They have the best food, incredible museums, and if taking the train around there at midnight doesn't bring the fear of God into you, nothing will. I went there in 2003 and its still the biggest city I've ever visited. The highlight of my trip was making friends with a chap about my age from Sonora and these two girls from Norway. We went up to his uncle's place in the mountains and rode horses and drank tequila, it was just beautiful. Then I made up this game where we would drink as many shots of tequila as we could without making a face following the hoist. I think I lasted about six rounds before I passed out on the floor of my new friend's place on the southside of Mexico City. Now that the Distrito Federal is blowing up musically, I think its high time to return - Chevy, 3 night trip this Fall?
Bufi "Endless"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Maybe u be watchin South Park and see them dissin' Phil and you start thinkin' its cool to slam the Collins but it ain't. Think twice son. Don't you think you should show some respect to a real storyteller who's not afraid to tell his tales using poignant imagery and vibrant social commentary?

Check the remix - Canada's Romeo in the Rain preserves the aesthetic of the original while adding some tremendous tweaks to Phil's silky smooth Anglo vocal stylings.

Phil Collins "Another Day in Paradise" (Romeo in the Rain Remix)


Monday, July 28, 2008

Michael Joseph Jackson

I don't know about you, but I've been pretty unsatisfied with the state of Michael Jackson remixes these days. Most of the ones I have heard have been in the form of a hasty Ableton edit, a la Palms Out Sounds remix Sunday. Doesn't one of the greatest living entertainers deserve better? Which leads me to exhibit D ^ 3, the Dead Disco Drivers remix of Thriller. It is good, namely because of the cognitive association made by including the word Disco in their bloghouse handle. Dead Disco Drivers are two teenagers from Belgium, and, although their song "Disco is Dead" is absolutely awful, and their song "Metric Dance" sounds like a waterlogged Casio that fell out of my bum while I was finishing at the loo, I must say that their remix of Thriller is one of the most enjoyable Michael Jackson re-works I have come across in some time. All hail the king of the pops, and good job on the remix my Belgian buds.

Michael Jackson "Thriller" (Dead Disco Drivers rework)


Friday, July 25, 2008

Harold Faltermeyer

Can't touch this..mark my words, my next post will be on MC Hammer. These synths are divine.
Harold Faltermeyer "Axel F"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Destroy Disco

The day was July 12th, 1979. The location was Comiskey Park at 35th Street on the South Side of Chicago. Twenty-four year old radio DJ Steve Dahl's event was called Disco Demolition Night. Over 90,000 fans turned out to burn LPs and voice their displeasure with the genre while watching the Sox get (presumably) pummeled by the opposition. Cut to present day. Disco is more popular than...than it used to be...and house music producers with disco in their name are a dime a dozen. I'm partial to Disco Dust "Feels Good" myself, but I really like the Bart B More mix of Destroy Disco's "Fly Or Bounce". It has this kind of siren noise that's annoying but I can just picture myself doing some wicked step moves to it, drenched in sweat. Enjoy...and check out their track "Hello" on Trash Menagerie and give some love to yet another budding Sydney talent.
Destroy Disco "Fly or Bounce" (Bart B More Rerub)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weird Tapes

I had this song in my head the other day as I was dozing off on my couch on a hot Sunday afternoon. But for the life of me, I couldn't remember what the song was, all I could remember are a few of the g-funk melodies that drop in around 2:00. Then I remembered a mix I heard it on, then I remembered what time in the mix it was at, and slowly but surely my neurons connected and I figured it out. Weird Tapes. Dayve Hawk, can you please take a bow? This guy makes the Philadelphia scene all by himself. So I give you the extremely humbly-titled "Party Trash" by the one and only Weird Tapes aka Dayve Hawk. Man, if I made this song I would casually refer to myself as a musical genius while attempting to cash in on a 6 figure recording contract - Dayve keeps it so real that he's not even looking to release this commercially!

Weird Tapes "Party Trash"



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Passion Pit

This band should have been from Australia but somehow they didn't get the memo and decided to originate from Cambridge, Mass. I haven't really heard too much hype about these guys but that certainly doesn't stop me from predicting they will soon be famous and ruined via too much MTV exposure a la Vampire Weekend. Their song, "Sleepy Head" is an intense, textured, layered, adjective-necessitating jam. As a child, I believe I either owned or frequently borrowed a Chipmunks music album and enjoyed it thoroughly, and this song takes a page from Alvin's playbook. Check out their "Chunk of Change" EP and look for their debut in early 2009, as well as an appearance at the Pitchfork Music Festival (which I'll be attending this weekend, hellz yah!), in July of next year.
Passion Pit "Sleepy Head"

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Ladyhawke, I love you, you are my favorite alt-female celebrity. Cut Copy, I love you even more. Best remix of the year. Paging Van She Tech...

Ladyhawke "Paris is Burning" (Cut Copy Remix)



Guns n Bombs

Painfully cool, Members Only-jacket wearing, Holly-would-if-she-could living duo Guns N Bombs released their 4th mixtape today. After recording a memorable remix for Chromeo the two are back to their bread and butter, the mighty, no money generating mixtape. The story I wanted to go with is that their first mixtape dramatically changed the musical landscape for me and was very short and concise, and since then there's been a fairly linear trend towards longer, shittier mixtapes. But then I listened to the mix, which can be found at disco dust blog, and I actually like it. It is a bit more surreal and sounds a bit like a soundtrack from a back-to-the-future rave party from a few years ago. But let's turn back the hands of time a bit and remember the first mix they made in late 2006 / early 2007. Listening to the mix, I am really wowed, like damn you guys are meticulous with your listening! Their mixes are like an Encyclopedia Britannica of underground haus!. A track from the late, great Chicago house producer Armando who tragically passed away from Leukemia at age 26. Some Dave Rodgers, aka Delta 9, the Drop Bass hardcore impresario whom I remember often hanging out shirtless with a big grin on his hardcore face at every party I went to.
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Digitalism Remix)
Alan Braxe and Fred Falke - Intro the Running
The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Remix)
Alex Gopher - DustPolysics -
Coelacanth is an Android (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Gino Soccio - Try It Out (Guns'N'Bombs edit)
Surkin - Radio Fireworks
Guns'N'Bombs - Nothing is Getting us Anywhere
Armando - World Unknown (Mike Dunn’s My Mix is Dunn Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco - HustlerSerge Santiago + Ben Trucker - Jaack Theme
Delta 9 - Headstrong

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's a man...maybe? C'mon, that's mean.

Harnessing the power of a thousand blog-house bangers and five 2 hour episodes of "The Hills", Clifford Lidell does it again with the sketchily-named "STREETPARTY MIX 38". Clifford has a special ADD-infused ability to maintain coherence in his mixes even while only playing a minute or two of each song. I'm sure we all remember "Sexy Friends" and the not-quite-as-good "Unicorn War" by his prior alter ego, Casio. I see Clifford as something of the party rockin' curator for the new electronic sound (Est. 2007). The songs themselves are good, not great, but its the vibe that Clifford brings into the mix that makes it fun and special. Once in a while his mixes deliver songs like Pierre De La Touche & Norman Doray's 2006 disco house gem "Dance All Night"....next thing you know Treasure Fingers be cuffin' the track for a mix of his own! Enjoy this mix as I do, accompanied by spreadsheets...and please refer to the comments for a track list.

Clifford Lidell "Streetparty Mix 38"



Pierre De La Touche & Norman Doray "Dance All Night" (Original Mix)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Can we all agree that this is the most bang'n banger that ever banged at a bang'n party or inside a bang'n club or in a sweet bang'n car stereo system driven by a blog house banger aficionado and then give up our collective abrasion fixation? Then all the producers of the world can start making mellow songs about marshmallow clouds rising above above strawberry fields with a funky filtered house loop and a female African-American voice that says "Yeah, yeah!" in the background? I hereby proclaim Boys Noize "Oh!" (Danger remix) to be the king of all bangers. Bangers are dead, all hail the king of the bangers. Goodbye Danger, you make my ears hurt...the highest compliment you can pay a banger-maker.
Boys Noize "Oh!' (Danger remix)
Danger "Revolte at 22H10"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Back in 1994 Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez presented the world with The Bucketheads. If this is not deep house perfection, je ne sais pas ce qui est. This is New York house at its finest and most flamboyant. I used to have this friend named Luke. In the mid 90s, Luke was a raver extraordinaire. He knew every person in the scene, he could get into any party for free, and he could toss out a breakdancing clinic, anytime, anywhere. Dude had the best liquid limb dance moves I have ever seen, at any club, at any party, no contest. Luke was all about lettin' the beat drop. He'd be driving me around in his Honda with his left hand, and he'd DJ the car stereo EQ with his right. The 4/4 kick would begin and he'd get a gleam in his eye. "Wait for it. Wait til it drops,"he'd gleefully say, tensing up as the filtered melody neared eruption. That moment occurs in this track at 4:32. Drop the bomb indeed and get Kenny a damn green jacket already.

Bucketheads "The Bomb"


Monday, June 23, 2008

Casa del Mirto

Stop D Bangers. Make deep house.

Thank you, Italy.

Casa Del Mirto "Nothing Hold Us Back"


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Knights

Deejay Pumpkin Patch sent over a new summertime party mix that would sound great blasted on rooftops from New York to Chicago. I was hoping he would mix in his new track "Blueberry Jam" but last I heard he was still finalizing the mix (the vocals are his own!). I am going to look out for that jam, kind of a funky, filtered swingin' number, but until then, enjoy Pumpkin's summer fun mix.


1. Daft Punk - Short Circuit (Pumpkin Patch’s “Last Night Daft Punk Saved My Life” Remix)
2. Janet Jackson - So Much Betta
3. Ago - Let’s Fun
4. Daft Punk - Da Funk
5. DJ Pumpkin Patch - Grooveberry Jam
6. Old Gold - How Can I Be Down?
7. Voyage - I Love You Dancer
8. Snoop Dogg - Cool
9. The S.O.S. Band - Take Your Time
10. The Mitchell Brothers - Michael Jackson (Calvin Harris Remix)
11. Midway - Set It Out
12. Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery (Miami Horror Remix)
13. Louis La Roche - Do You Remember?
14. U-Turn - Give It Up
15. Cut Copy - Far Away
16. Midnight Star - No Parking
17. Kylie Minogue - Wow (Mstrkrft Remix)
18. Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (LA Riots vs Villains Remix)
19. Cut Copy - Lights and Music (Moulinex Remix)
20. Freestylers - Push Up

DJ Pumpkin Patch "Summer Knights"


3600 downloads strong, shazam!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hail Social

Former grocery store employees Dayve Hawk and Matt Maraldo came together to record their first 7 inch in 2005, and have since released an album titled "Modern Love & Death" in 2007. For me, Dayve's singing really steals the show - sincerity is a word that comes to mind. The second Weird Tapes edit is new to me so that's what I decided to post. It's not perfect, but that is part of the charm for me. Again it goes back to how it makes me feel...their music kind of puts me in a dream-like state with a side of melancholy. I expect big things.

Hail Social "Heaven" (video)


Hail Social "No Paradise" (Weird Tapes Remix 2)


Hail Social "Heaven"


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Justin Martin

I am a big fan of Buzzin' Fly - the label, and the CD series purveyed by Ben Watt. I bet the club night was pretty cool too but I never made it over there. One standout producer from that mix series was Justin Martin. Nobody's ever going to remember how complicated the song was, or how many chord progressions it used, or how trendy it was when it was released - all they are gonna remember is how it made them feel, and this song makes me feel like smiling.

Justin Martin "Bottoms Up"


Permanent link


Monday, June 9, 2008

Mr Suitcase

Thanks a lot for ruining my musical palate, Mr Suitcase. I was gonna jam to a few Lifelike remixes, that new track by Jupiter, "Starlight" but after listening to 'Frauds' all that stuff sounds like doggy doo. All I wanna hear is mo' Suitcase.

I don't know how to describe it besides that it's about the prettiest, warmest sound I have ever heard. It reminds me a little of Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly series and of the Avalanches, but much less rigid than Buzzin' Fly and a much tighter, warmer sound than the Avalanches. In an effortless mastery of form, design, and warm synthetic sounds, Mr Suitcase weaves together a sensual tale of house love. As Mr Suitcase says, "It's totally unhip", and I happily concur - as Lovage title goes, it's music to make love to your old lady by ; c )

Bravo, bravo, bravo.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Elegia Live

I don't think this song is that old to use the above reference but Zubaz pants is still funny though. I remember downloading this as a Freshman in college from the original mp3 blog, Teddy's Deep House page from Greece. Those two brothers who ran the site had impeccable taste, and ten years later I am totally recycling decade-old content! I don't have any info on this track besides the fact that it rocks and it's pretty astonishing that somebody could pull this off without the use of software. Sublime synthetic sounds from France.

Elegia "Untitled" (Live Track!)


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dumb Dan

I've been enjoying some music from Sweden lately. Nine million people live there and somehow they turn out more quality house music than all of Eastern Europe and South America combined. Unbelievable per capita musical output. Five days ago Discobelle posted a craft mix by Stockholm Syndrome, a duo I'd never heard of previously, and I love it even if they aren't from the Nordic North! The Believers track alone makes it worth the download. Roy Davis Jr only had to ask me one time to join his kingdom wacka wacka! Nice to hear some artists mixing up a few classic tracks. It all doesn't have to be from 2008 DJs of the world!

Dumb Dan is someone I thought would be getting huge by now. He released a ton of music for free on the apparently now-defunct internet music label Bevlar, and I get a good vibe from his tunes. Check out his Nordic flow with a wicked vocoder sample!

Dumb Dan "The Flow"


Roy Davis Jr "Join His Kingdom" (snippet)


Stockholm Syndrome - Mixin' it up


Thursday, May 1, 2008


I saw The Teenagers play two nights ago at The Abbey Pub on Chicago's Northwest side. The much lauded Anglo-Parisian trio was fresh off of their Coachella performance. They delivered fairly earnest yet slightly sloppy renditions of their hits, including "Scarlett Johansson", "French Kiss", and "Homecoming". Their sound was augmented by adding two ladies to their road show, one on guitar/keyboards and one on drums.It was about what I had expected to see and I was pleased I got to see them play. That said, they are essentially a joke band with limited musical talent (but possibly a limitless sense of humor!). Still fun though.

What really captivated me was the opening act, Team Robespierre, of Brooklyn. Promoting themselves as "New Punk", the five-piece was likely one of the funniest, yet most pathetic musical groups I have ever witnessed in concert. I literally could not stop laughing for the first 20 minutes of their set. "You're going to think we're a bad band," the keyboardist/singer griped as they feebly investigated sound issues 30 minutes into their set. No, I am going to think that you gentlemen comprise one of the most spectacularly awful bands in the world. I am starting to think that New York City (aside from the dope skills of DJ Pumpkin Patch) is the global capital of musical schlock. You are going to hate me for this, but Matt & Kim? That is about the worst music I have ever heard. Matt and Kim sounds like a couple special 8 year olds were given a Casio and a 4 track. Armand Van Helden is the self-proclaimed "Michael Jordan of House"? Do you folks have any sort of a grip on reality? I mean sure, "I Want Your Soul" was pretty great, but come on dude, if you lived in Chicago you'd be hustling pretty hard for a 10 PM Monday slot at Green Dolphin Street. But the spawn of a group like Team Robespierre makes me think that New York hipsters simply think it is cool to drop a deuce down your auditory canal. Thanks a lot for that.

Which leads me to exhibit A - "Young Touch" by the United Kingdom's Jeuce. This group has got something special, it gives me a really positive energy when I listen to their songs. This track in particular seems to capture the emotional rallying call of the post-punk digital sound. Jeuce is a very young group too, they seem to be about college-age and I expect them to cut the proverbial edge as they grow and develop musically. For me, this song really captures the essence of the "Don't give a f*&*" and DIY attitude that mid 90s hardcore bands purveyed. Check it out, and be sure to check out their rework of Hadouken on their myspace, that track is awesome.


"Young Touch"

Saturday, April 12, 2008


We'd like to welcome Nintendo afficionado and electronic music prodigy Coralcola into the mix. Coralcola is the name of a village in the Nintendo game Startropics. I haven't played the game myself, but C-Cola claims it is one of the best RPG games ever made.

In Coralcola's own words, "It's not about my name, or my face, or a fancy bio press kit on a myspace page. Just throw the songs up there and let people hear them. The music is the only thing that matters".

The first filtered loop of "Gallivanter" hit me like a ton of 21st century digital innovation. Combining modulating cymbal sweeps and a syncopated 4/4 beat, the track entrances with a Goa-like mindfulness. The song "Heath Ledger" picks up where The Field left off with lively and exuberant filtered goodness. Melodies swirl and crescendo as Coralcola flips loops with the care and dexterity of a surgical professional.

The most exciting thing about these thinking man's 4/4 symphonies? Coralcola made these tracks along with two others in one night, live in one take, on an old PC with a giant CRT monitor. Well, golly!

A word with the reclusive and anonymous Coralcola:

Lindsaylovesme: Where did you grow up?

Coralcola: I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and grew up in a horrible little town called Oxford full of racists and homophobes and Republicans.

Lindsaylovesme: How old are you?

Coralcola: I'm 22 years old and I've been messing around with electronic music since I was 16 on Fruity Loops. I've since graduated to Ableton Live.

Lindsaylovesme: What is your educational background?

Coralcola: I graduated high school and lasted a semester and a half in college, but I dropped out because I was driving to school five days a week and it felt like high school all over again, the only difference being that you could smoke cigarettes between classes and not get in trouble.

Lindsaylovesme: Do you DJ or do a live show on Ableton or Serato?

Coralcola: I've only done a few one-off DJ gigs in the past but nothing spectacular. The best parties I throw are for myself in my bedroom. There's no live show yet because I don't even have a laptop. All these tracks are made on an old PC, and I would look pretty silly lugging around a big PC and giant box CRT monitor to shows. I'm also looking into getting a projector for the live show because I always thought the "dude with the laptop" show was kinda lame and I'd like to try and make it more interesting.

Lindsaylovesme: What are your hobbies?

Coralcola: My hobbies include scouring blogs to try and find a great song I've never heard before (best feeling ever). I also enjoy playing disc golf, Sega Genesis, and watching the Boston Bruins.

Coralcola "Gallivanter"


Coralcola "Heath Ledger"



Saturday, March 15, 2008

Strip Steve

This week, one of BOYSNOIZE records top maestros, Strip Steve, sits down to answer a few of our nosy questions. Representing Bordeaux, France, Strip Steve (real name, Théo Pozoga) made it rain with his Skip School EP. Now he is traveling all over Europe, bringing his signature Chicago and Detroit-influenced hard house sound to the dancefloors everwhere. His MTV remix of Adam Kesher's "Irene" is reminiscent of the hard filtered house sound that producers such as CZR made famous in the late 90s in Chicago. Strip Steve is undoubtedly headed for the forefront of the French Touch elite, version 3.0, in the wake of the success of countrymen Surkin, Para One, and Justice. Here's a word with Strip Steve himself:

Lindsaylovesme: The Skip School EP is fantastic and we've had it on repeat for a couple weeks now. What will you be working on next in terms of remixes and original productions? Any plans for collaborations?

Strip Steve: Thanks a lot, I'm happy you like it. I'm doing new tracks right now. I'm trying a lot of new stuff I didn't use on the 4 tracks that are featured on my first EP. I'm also doing remixes, but until everything is set and decided, I can't really tell...

Lindsaylovesme: Your myspace profile says you are from Bordeaux, a very famous wine region. What kind of vino do you prefer?

Strip Steve: What i like most is red wine. My favourites are Cantenac Brown and Pomerol, Chateau la pointe. I think St Emilion is overrated.

Lindsaylovesme: I've always been impressed with the volume and quality of French house music, but this past year in particular has seen a number of French producers gaining momentum around the world as the global leaders of dance music. Why do you think France is such a good incubator for musical talent?

Strip Steve: Of course we have a good electronic music history, with the wave around Daft Punk 10 years ago, and the years that followed, also with Air, Cassius, Laurent Garnier, French electronic music has really become a lot more heard. Now I can't precisely analyze hypes and trends, but electronic music is now back in France and all over the world, and with the huge help of the internet, it grows and enables a lot of people to discover and share music. I can't really tell if France is better or more productive musically than any other countries or if its just something that everybody imagines. But to sum it up, good food and good wine really made it happen in our souls.

Lindsaylovesme: Do you enjoy 80s pop music, and if so, what is your favorite song from that period?

Strip Steve: I'm really bad at picking ONE song over a period of ten years that goes through a lot of music styles, so I'll just say the artists I like most: Moroder, Prince, Taxi Girl, Lio, INXS, Joel & Garlo, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Billy Ocean & Telex.

Lindsaylovesme: Aside from France, where is the next area of the world that you expect to blow up musically in 2008?

Strip Steve: I can't really say I "expect to blow up" anywhere, but I'd be really happy if Americans like my music, cause that's where, apart from France, most of my influences are set in. Chicago & Detroit.

Thanks to Strip Steve for the tunes, and please come play the world capital of house music soon - that's Chicago!

Strip Steve "Ready Steady"



Monday, February 18, 2008

Cinq questions avec outputmessage

outputmessage was born in the year 2214 in a small galaxy far away. he comes in peace in the hope that we earthlings will better understand the future and its implications.

Cutting the crap, Bernard Farley, a 24 year old Virginia Tech mathematics graduate, is a DC resident producing some of the most lucid, compelling music of our time. Since being named to URB magazine's Next 100 in 2006, he has gone on to produce tracks appearing on a multitude of compilations, has a recording contract with Melodic UK, and is currently hosting a successful Washington, D.C. club night every last Thursday. Aside from that, Bernard is a teacher and one of the friendliest, most polite folks you'll ever encounter. His production credits include some of my favorite ambient and IDM music, including a sensational, spine-tingling track called Marcheurs De Sommeil (Sleepwalkers).

Here are five questions with outputmessage:

lindsaylovesme: How did you get introduced to electronic music?

outputmessage: Back when I was in 8th grade one of my friends showed me the MTV Amp compilation (remember that show?) which had a bunch of great electronic music actually, but the track that stood out to me was "Girl/Boy Song" by Aphex Twin. At around the same time, another friend showed me the Hackers soundtrack which had Underworld's song "Cowgirl" on it.

lindsaylovesme: Who is your favorite painter / sculptor / fine artist?

outputmessage: I'm not super into fine art, but Salvador Dali and Matthew Barney are some names that come to mind.

lindsaylovesme: Why do you think bangers were so big in 2007 and what do you think the trend will be for 2008?

outputmessage: Maybe people wanted to forget that there was still a whole 2 years left of Bush's reign and they needed some abrasive club music to help to do that. More seriously, I think its possibly because of the emergence of indie rock music in the dance and pop scenes. Bangers have this big rock feel to it. It's dance-able and you can rock your head to it with all of the cut-ups, abrasive synths, and huge beats.

lindsaylovesme: Who is your favorite WWF wrestler?

outputmessage: You know, my students have asked me this question way too many times. I didn't know inner-city kids were so into wrestling. I haven't watched that stuff since I was young, but my favorite wrestler used to be The Undertaker.

lindsaylovesme: If you had to choose one artist who you think totally sucks and you are mystified about why they are so popular, who would it be?

outputmessage: I really want to say Nickelback, but that's just too easy. Um, let's talk about Fergie for a second. OK, she's a pop star, blah blah blah...but did you know the most downloaded song of 2007 on iTunes was that song "Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal)". Of all the songs she's released, that has to be worse. A lyric like "I'm going to miss you like a child misses their blanket" is inexcusable. Shame on you America.

Bonus: What is the best club night in DC?

outputmessage: Well, besides the excellent fun that is had every last Thursdays at Napoleon (wink wink), I would have to say Nouveau Riche is quite good with DJ Gavin Holland. They give you free Sparks there too, how can I complain?

Check back shortly for an exclusive mix made for lindsaylovesme by my favorite IDM artist, outputmessage, and enjoy the tracks below.

outputmessage "Girls and Make-up" (exclusive unreleased track)


Measles Mumps Rubella "Libra Science" (outputmessage remix)


Evan Scott "Crane" (outputmessage remix)



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DJ Pumpkin Patch

Jordan dancing to a DJ Pumpkin Patch track in Cabo. Or was it a Dances With White Girls remix? Pumpkin, I listened to your Daft Punk mix like 4 times today at work. It was the soundtrack to my spreadsheet shakedown. I trust you are hard at work on that mash up and not slamming cocktails at Studio B in Brooklyn?

So how the hell does someone make a song this good and only get 10,182 hits on their myspace? Shit player, that's why I hustle dimes and not rhymes (and by dimes I mean spreadsheets, and by hustle I mean I will work long hours if my boss asks me to). Me and outputmessage were yakking and that incredibly untalented hack Fergie has 47,288,698 visitors to her pathetic pagina. Hey, only another 47,278,516 hits and you're all caught up! I was also listening to Clifford Lidell's latest, "You're Perfect" today too, and wow do I love that kid's sound. He somehow mixes like 40 tracks in 49 minutes without sounding like a complete ADD spazz. One of my top DJs to watch. What a disjointed post today. I'm through.

DJ Pumpkin Patch "Rushin'"