Thursday, July 24, 2008

Destroy Disco

The day was July 12th, 1979. The location was Comiskey Park at 35th Street on the South Side of Chicago. Twenty-four year old radio DJ Steve Dahl's event was called Disco Demolition Night. Over 90,000 fans turned out to burn LPs and voice their displeasure with the genre while watching the Sox get (presumably) pummeled by the opposition. Cut to present day. Disco is more popular than...than it used to be...and house music producers with disco in their name are a dime a dozen. I'm partial to Disco Dust "Feels Good" myself, but I really like the Bart B More mix of Destroy Disco's "Fly Or Bounce". It has this kind of siren noise that's annoying but I can just picture myself doing some wicked step moves to it, drenched in sweat. Enjoy...and check out their track "Hello" on Trash Menagerie and give some love to yet another budding Sydney talent.
Destroy Disco "Fly or Bounce" (Bart B More Rerub)

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