Friday, May 30, 2008

Elegia Live

I don't think this song is that old to use the above reference but Zubaz pants is still funny though. I remember downloading this as a Freshman in college from the original mp3 blog, Teddy's Deep House page from Greece. Those two brothers who ran the site had impeccable taste, and ten years later I am totally recycling decade-old content! I don't have any info on this track besides the fact that it rocks and it's pretty astonishing that somebody could pull this off without the use of software. Sublime synthetic sounds from France.

Elegia "Untitled" (Live Track!)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dumb Dan

I've been enjoying some music from Sweden lately. Nine million people live there and somehow they turn out more quality house music than all of Eastern Europe and South America combined. Unbelievable per capita musical output. Five days ago Discobelle posted a craft mix by Stockholm Syndrome, a duo I'd never heard of previously, and I love it even if they aren't from the Nordic North! The Believers track alone makes it worth the download. Roy Davis Jr only had to ask me one time to join his kingdom wacka wacka! Nice to hear some artists mixing up a few classic tracks. It all doesn't have to be from 2008 DJs of the world!

Dumb Dan is someone I thought would be getting huge by now. He released a ton of music for free on the apparently now-defunct internet music label Bevlar, and I get a good vibe from his tunes. Check out his Nordic flow with a wicked vocoder sample!

Dumb Dan "The Flow"

Roy Davis Jr "Join His Kingdom" (snippet)

Stockholm Syndrome - Mixin' it up

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I saw The Teenagers play two nights ago at The Abbey Pub on Chicago's Northwest side. The much lauded Anglo-Parisian trio was fresh off of their Coachella performance. They delivered fairly earnest yet slightly sloppy renditions of their hits, including "Scarlett Johansson", "French Kiss", and "Homecoming". Their sound was augmented by adding two ladies to their road show, one on guitar/keyboards and one on drums.It was about what I had expected to see and I was pleased I got to see them play. That said, they are essentially a joke band with limited musical talent (but possibly a limitless sense of humor!). Still fun though.

What really captivated me was the opening act, Team Robespierre, of Brooklyn. Promoting themselves as "New Punk", the five-piece was likely one of the funniest, yet most pathetic musical groups I have ever witnessed in concert. I literally could not stop laughing for the first 20 minutes of their set. "You're going to think we're a bad band," the keyboardist/singer griped as they feebly investigated sound issues 30 minutes into their set. No, I am going to think that you gentlemen comprise one of the most spectacularly awful bands in the world. I am starting to think that New York City (aside from the dope skills of DJ Pumpkin Patch) is the global capital of musical schlock. You are going to hate me for this, but Matt & Kim? That is about the worst music I have ever heard. Matt and Kim sounds like a couple special 8 year olds were given a Casio and a 4 track. Armand Van Helden is the self-proclaimed "Michael Jordan of House"? Do you folks have any sort of a grip on reality? I mean sure, "I Want Your Soul" was pretty great, but come on dude, if you lived in Chicago you'd be hustling pretty hard for a 10 PM Monday slot at Green Dolphin Street. But the spawn of a group like Team Robespierre makes me think that New York hipsters simply think it is cool to drop a deuce down your auditory canal. Thanks a lot for that.

Which leads me to exhibit A - "Young Touch" by the United Kingdom's Jeuce. This group has got something special, it gives me a really positive energy when I listen to their songs. This track in particular seems to capture the emotional rallying call of the post-punk digital sound. Jeuce is a very young group too, they seem to be about college-age and I expect them to cut the proverbial edge as they grow and develop musically. For me, this song really captures the essence of the "Don't give a f*&*" and DIY attitude that mid 90s hardcore bands purveyed. Check it out, and be sure to check out their rework of Hadouken on their myspace, that track is awesome.


"Young Touch"