Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dolphin Collins

Versus-3.blogspot.com posted this track yesterday with the comment, "[it's] been on repeat since I copped it". Now I'm hooked too, all thanks to you and your meddling melodies!

Sound like that dude Kavinsky after spending a lot of time with Thomas and Guy (or perhaps, simply improving). But who the heck are/is Dolphin Collins? A quick examination of their myspace yielded no leads. They haven't logged on in forever and there's no tracks either. If you know who they are let me know!

Dolphin Collins - "Yloptum" (mutpoly??)


Friday, January 25, 2008

Ohhh Australia, How I love thee. Let me count thy ways.

Cut Copy. Avalanches. The Presets. Muscles. Midnight Juggernauts. Bag Raiders. Bang Gang DJs.

Now comes a new player on the scene. A David to Australia's Goliath.

Hobart, Tasmania is where Cal Young and Simon McIntosh call home. Taking on the moniker The Scientists of Modern Music, they sound like a bit like a 21st century Peter Frampton to this listener. These two 18 year olds must be called prodigies. If that's not a prodigy I'm gonna go smack my bitch up HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!. That was freaking hysterical, freaking hysterical.

Now that you've settled yourself down, check out these two kids. Cause Cut Copy it ain't, but music is always more compelling when a kid makes it. Count on these two kids to put Hobart, Tasmania on the musical map. I'm off to go listen to some Cut Copy.
Scientists of Modern Music - "Easy"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Team Skidoo!

Discobelle.net is pretty much the best blog. They post a ton of music, almost all of it worth a look see but their output is straight voluminous. I had to wade through 3 pages of posts to get to this set, which was just posted Friday! Team Skidoo of Sweden brings the silk smooth synthetic club sound that we've all been waiting for, especially the first half. In a world where anything with a distorted guitar set to a 4/4 beat sets the blog world afire, its nice to see that there's still options for the Buzzin' Fly set. The first track sold me, straight 80s playa. Allow me break out mah Ritz brand crackaz and thank ya'll from Sweden for sharing that cheese!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Arctic Monkeys Are Melting!

I'm sitting here today and expecting it to be cold outside, at least too cold to go out and jog, but here it is, a 52 degree day in January. What the devil is going on? Is it about time for us to think about some truths of a more inconvenient variety and give big Al the "he told us so" prop he's due? I love a lot of these scientists, all coincidentally employed by industrial firms, that go on and on about that there's no global warming and it doesn't exist. Yeah...that's why I'm about to go on a picnic in Chicago in January, that's normal. But in the short term, looks like the world's massive environmental indiscretion is helping a brotha out - I'll have a nice outdoor jog and avoid the disgusting, male discharge-ridden Bally's on N. Clark.

On that thermodynamic note, here's the Arctic Monkeys track remixed by Switzerland's Cryptonites (http://www.myspace.com/cryptonites). I really like these upstart remixers and producers, especially the mix they just did for the excellent Kidz by Colette blog (http://kidzbycolette.free.fr/?p=438).

Arctic Monkeys "Old Yellow Brick" (Cryptonites Tease The Monkey Remix)


Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Check out Delete. Their myspace says they make "melodramatic popular songs", which naturally I like. I wish I could say that they are Phil Collins-esque but sadly I cannot make that bold proclamation. Another splash out of France's seemingly bottomless talent well. Formed just four months ago, the duo is made up by Simon Cachera and Pierre Novi. Apparently still unsigned, I hope they drop a record and play some festivals next summer. Pitchfork would be ideal. This track is called Sunk. It is a hell of a jam with some wicked processed guitars that remind me of the LA Guns n Bombs (www.myspace.com/gunsnbombs) sound, with a bit of flavor-of-the-month Danger thrown in. Visit their myspace for two more tasty treats - http://www.myspace.com/deletemusik


This is Hyper Monday by Tok featuring Tami Chin, remixed by Paul and Johnny Danger.

flash gordon




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