Friday, January 25, 2008

Ohhh Australia, How I love thee. Let me count thy ways.

Cut Copy. Avalanches. The Presets. Muscles. Midnight Juggernauts. Bag Raiders. Bang Gang DJs.

Now comes a new player on the scene. A David to Australia's Goliath.

Hobart, Tasmania is where Cal Young and Simon McIntosh call home. Taking on the moniker The Scientists of Modern Music, they sound like a bit like a 21st century Peter Frampton to this listener. These two 18 year olds must be called prodigies. If that's not a prodigy I'm gonna go smack my bitch up HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!. That was freaking hysterical, freaking hysterical.

Now that you've settled yourself down, check out these two kids. Cause Cut Copy it ain't, but music is always more compelling when a kid makes it. Count on these two kids to put Hobart, Tasmania on the musical map. I'm off to go listen to some Cut Copy.
Scientists of Modern Music - "Easy"


Juan Monroy said...

Excelente artículo. Australia!, ojalá The avalanches vuelvana tocar.

LindsayLovesMe said...

Cuando tocan the avalanches??