Saturday, April 12, 2008


We'd like to welcome Nintendo afficionado and electronic music prodigy Coralcola into the mix. Coralcola is the name of a village in the Nintendo game Startropics. I haven't played the game myself, but C-Cola claims it is one of the best RPG games ever made.

In Coralcola's own words, "It's not about my name, or my face, or a fancy bio press kit on a myspace page. Just throw the songs up there and let people hear them. The music is the only thing that matters".

The first filtered loop of "Gallivanter" hit me like a ton of 21st century digital innovation. Combining modulating cymbal sweeps and a syncopated 4/4 beat, the track entrances with a Goa-like mindfulness. The song "Heath Ledger" picks up where The Field left off with lively and exuberant filtered goodness. Melodies swirl and crescendo as Coralcola flips loops with the care and dexterity of a surgical professional.

The most exciting thing about these thinking man's 4/4 symphonies? Coralcola made these tracks along with two others in one night, live in one take, on an old PC with a giant CRT monitor. Well, golly!

A word with the reclusive and anonymous Coralcola:

Lindsaylovesme: Where did you grow up?

Coralcola: I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and grew up in a horrible little town called Oxford full of racists and homophobes and Republicans.

Lindsaylovesme: How old are you?

Coralcola: I'm 22 years old and I've been messing around with electronic music since I was 16 on Fruity Loops. I've since graduated to Ableton Live.

Lindsaylovesme: What is your educational background?

Coralcola: I graduated high school and lasted a semester and a half in college, but I dropped out because I was driving to school five days a week and it felt like high school all over again, the only difference being that you could smoke cigarettes between classes and not get in trouble.

Lindsaylovesme: Do you DJ or do a live show on Ableton or Serato?

Coralcola: I've only done a few one-off DJ gigs in the past but nothing spectacular. The best parties I throw are for myself in my bedroom. There's no live show yet because I don't even have a laptop. All these tracks are made on an old PC, and I would look pretty silly lugging around a big PC and giant box CRT monitor to shows. I'm also looking into getting a projector for the live show because I always thought the "dude with the laptop" show was kinda lame and I'd like to try and make it more interesting.

Lindsaylovesme: What are your hobbies?

Coralcola: My hobbies include scouring blogs to try and find a great song I've never heard before (best feeling ever). I also enjoy playing disc golf, Sega Genesis, and watching the Boston Bruins.

Coralcola "Gallivanter"

Coralcola "Heath Ledger"