Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird Tapes Forever

Ahh, my third Weird Tapes post. Three times is a charm, ladies and gents. This time Dayve graciously agreed to give me, crown prince of nobodies, an interview. Dayve Hawk is the New Jersey-based mastermind behind Hail Social and Weird Tapes. He pretty much blows me away with every new release; the list includes Get Religion, Nightstalking, and Summer of Worship. Get them all on his blog, they're free! The man's got a whole host of kung fu fighting styles and is able to trigger an emotional response with his music in a way few electronic artists are able. So break bread or fake dead and let's see what the most interesting and enigmatic man in American electronic music has to say to my idiotic questions:
  • Lindsaylovesme: Do you like the Beavis and Butthead?

  • Weird Tapes: I don't have a TV, I just watch the lights flicker on my synthesizers.

  • Lindsaylovesme: What is the best way to meet girls?

  • Weird Tapes: Go outside?

  • Weird Tapes: If you go anywhere near the shore it certainly seems that way. Luckily I live in the Pine Barrens area so I just have to deal with the Leeds devil.

  • Lindsaylovesme: Does Weird Tapes have a live show and is there any way I could pretend to be a roadie when you come to Chicago?

  • Weird Tapes: I don't have a live show. I'm not sure what other electronic musicians are actually doing "live". It seems kind of goofy to me. Maybe one day I'll get over it. I would like to come back to Chicago. I've only been there once but I had an amazing breakfast.

  • Lindsaylovesme: How do you define success?

  • Weird Tapes: Personally I'm pretty happy as long as my daughter is ok.

Thanks much to Dayve.





Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Hump Day Project


I didn't really get this whole baltimore thing, then some Australians started making some tracks and it started to make a lot more sense to me. Check out this jam, the break is unbelievable. I'm sure you've heard the vocals before. Thanks to Todd of White Dorks and I'm a Deckhead blog for the hookup!
  • The Hump Day Project "Watch the Way We Drop It"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Clifford Lidell

New Clifford Lidell mix. This time he's clocked in at an average of 44 seconds per song, with 51 tracks jammed into 38 minutes. Haven't even finished listening to it yet. I just know. Comments for tracklist.
Clifford Lidell "Secret Fever"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Louis La Roche

This is the kid everyone hated on because he thought he wrote a track so good that he could pass it off as Thomas Bangalter's work, much to the dismay of many blogs who reported it as if it were a Valentine's Day present from Half Daft. "Love" turned out to be written by a seventeen year old Brit named Brett. LLR's disco sample-heavy Peach EP, which is free on his myspace is great, but the new track "Be Brave" takes it to another level. I don't even have it but feel free to check the stream on DreamBigDreamFree and on his myspace:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Piano Mano

I think this is a candidate for best beat drop ever.
The Drill featuring Firetruck Antarctica "Piano Mano" (Club Mix)

Monday, October 6, 2008

5 Questions with DJ Pumpkin Patch

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome DJ Pumpkin Patch into the fold for a quick soundbyte. You might remember him for his Daft Crunk mixtape featured on Bigstereo or his more recent Summer Knights mix that we posted a couple months ago. Since then the gourd-like squash afficionado has been working on remixes of David Bowie, MGMT, and Earth, Wind and Fire, which we'll keep our eyes out for. He's also playing at this year's CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival in New York alongside acts like Cool Kids, Todosantos (who put on a mental live show!), and Talib Kweli. Let's get down to it and hear what Pumpkin's got to say!
  • lindsaylovesme: Living in New York, how has the sub-prime crisis affected your life and music? If you ever consider doing a Wall Street parody tune, can you give me a shoutout?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: In my day to day life, I don't really see any evidence that Wall Street exists, and I'm sure Wall Street has no idea that I exist. Living in New York has been a double edged sword in that it takes all of my money away so I can't buy more fun music toys, but she also provides me with never ending inspiration and opportunity to experiment with music and DJing. If Wall Street asked me to make a theme song for the markets, I would, and it would be awesome, and everyone would invest in it.
  • lindsaylovesme: Bushwick is being taken over by scenesters. Which neighborhood is next? How long until it is considered funky fresh to live in Queens, or will that never happen?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: I wouldn't say Bushwick is being "taken over" necessarily, I think it's more that realtors are tricking newbies into thinking that the knickerbocker M stop is in Williamsburg. Next hot hood - maybe Long Island City? The streets there smell like donuts.
  • lindsaylovesme: Do you know the true identities of Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Fake Blood, or Burial? Keeping it secret: Cool or not cool?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: Dude, I dont know who anyone is. Well that's not true, but I think the anonymity thing can be cool sometimes. But like anything, it's lame when people get too into it. If it's cool for Daft Punk to reveal their true names, it's cool if anyone does it. These guys, Claymation Velociraptor seem to be pretty good at keeping the secret, but I'm determined to find out who those handsome devils are...
  • lindsaylovesme: What's your day job?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: I work as an assistant in a post production recording studio. I am underpaid.
  • lindsaylovesme: Two parts: who is your favorite act coming out of Australia lately, and which artist or song in the blog world do you simply cannot stand? I've been hearing a lot of hate on Crookers and Girl Talk, what kind of music makes you furrow your brow when you walk into a club?
  • DJ Pumpkin Patch: Gotta be unoriginal on this and say Cut Copy. They are sort of a buzz band right now, but I really love their new album. People hate on their live show, but I saw them at Studio B a bit back and they were awesome. Not really my place to bash other artists, but there are a few sounds that are popular these days that I just can't deal with. So much shit has that "woooww woooww wooooww" bassline that is not melodic or interesting. It's just that sound that for some reason people keep overusing. I also hate when people put a bmore break over a classic rock track and call that a remix. Don't do that. Please.

Check out the track "Long Train Running" sampling track below (it sparkles and the production is most excellent!) and be sure to look out for DJ Pumpkin Patch in a blog and club near you!

DJ Pumpkin Patch "Doobie Bras"