Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird Tapes Forever

Ahh, my third Weird Tapes post. Three times is a charm, ladies and gents. This time Dayve graciously agreed to give me, crown prince of nobodies, an interview. Dayve Hawk is the New Jersey-based mastermind behind Hail Social and Weird Tapes. He pretty much blows me away with every new release; the list includes Get Religion, Nightstalking, and Summer of Worship. Get them all on his blog, they're free! The man's got a whole host of kung fu fighting styles and is able to trigger an emotional response with his music in a way few electronic artists are able. So break bread or fake dead and let's see what the most interesting and enigmatic man in American electronic music has to say to my idiotic questions:
  • Lindsaylovesme: Do you like the Beavis and Butthead?

  • Weird Tapes: I don't have a TV, I just watch the lights flicker on my synthesizers.

  • Lindsaylovesme: What is the best way to meet girls?

  • Weird Tapes: Go outside?

  • Weird Tapes: If you go anywhere near the shore it certainly seems that way. Luckily I live in the Pine Barrens area so I just have to deal with the Leeds devil.

  • Lindsaylovesme: Does Weird Tapes have a live show and is there any way I could pretend to be a roadie when you come to Chicago?

  • Weird Tapes: I don't have a live show. I'm not sure what other electronic musicians are actually doing "live". It seems kind of goofy to me. Maybe one day I'll get over it. I would like to come back to Chicago. I've only been there once but I had an amazing breakfast.

  • Lindsaylovesme: How do you define success?

  • Weird Tapes: Personally I'm pretty happy as long as my daughter is ok.

Thanks much to Dayve.





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