Sunday, January 6, 2008

Arctic Monkeys Are Melting!

I'm sitting here today and expecting it to be cold outside, at least too cold to go out and jog, but here it is, a 52 degree day in January. What the devil is going on? Is it about time for us to think about some truths of a more inconvenient variety and give big Al the "he told us so" prop he's due? I love a lot of these scientists, all coincidentally employed by industrial firms, that go on and on about that there's no global warming and it doesn't exist. Yeah...that's why I'm about to go on a picnic in Chicago in January, that's normal. But in the short term, looks like the world's massive environmental indiscretion is helping a brotha out - I'll have a nice outdoor jog and avoid the disgusting, male discharge-ridden Bally's on N. Clark.

On that thermodynamic note, here's the Arctic Monkeys track remixed by Switzerland's Cryptonites ( I really like these upstart remixers and producers, especially the mix they just did for the excellent Kidz by Colette blog (

Arctic Monkeys "Old Yellow Brick" (Cryptonites Tease The Monkey Remix)

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