Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dumb Dan

I've been enjoying some music from Sweden lately. Nine million people live there and somehow they turn out more quality house music than all of Eastern Europe and South America combined. Unbelievable per capita musical output. Five days ago Discobelle posted a craft mix by Stockholm Syndrome, a duo I'd never heard of previously, and I love it even if they aren't from the Nordic North! The Believers track alone makes it worth the download. Roy Davis Jr only had to ask me one time to join his kingdom wacka wacka! Nice to hear some artists mixing up a few classic tracks. It all doesn't have to be from 2008 DJs of the world!

Dumb Dan is someone I thought would be getting huge by now. He released a ton of music for free on the apparently now-defunct internet music label Bevlar, and I get a good vibe from his tunes. Check out his Nordic flow with a wicked vocoder sample!

Dumb Dan "The Flow"

Roy Davis Jr "Join His Kingdom" (snippet)

Stockholm Syndrome - Mixin' it up

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