Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Back in 1994 Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez presented the world with The Bucketheads. If this is not deep house perfection, je ne sais pas ce qui est. This is New York house at its finest and most flamboyant. I used to have this friend named Luke. In the mid 90s, Luke was a raver extraordinaire. He knew every person in the scene, he could get into any party for free, and he could toss out a breakdancing clinic, anytime, anywhere. Dude had the best liquid limb dance moves I have ever seen, at any club, at any party, no contest. Luke was all about lettin' the beat drop. He'd be driving me around in his Honda with his left hand, and he'd DJ the car stereo EQ with his right. The 4/4 kick would begin and he'd get a gleam in his eye. "Wait for it. Wait til it drops,"he'd gleefully say, tensing up as the filtered melody neared eruption. That moment occurs in this track at 4:32. Drop the bomb indeed and get Kenny a damn green jacket already.

Bucketheads "The Bomb"


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