Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Can we all agree that this is the most bang'n banger that ever banged at a bang'n party or inside a bang'n club or in a sweet bang'n car stereo system driven by a blog house banger aficionado and then give up our collective abrasion fixation? Then all the producers of the world can start making mellow songs about marshmallow clouds rising above above strawberry fields with a funky filtered house loop and a female African-American voice that says "Yeah, yeah!" in the background? I hereby proclaim Boys Noize "Oh!" (Danger remix) to be the king of all bangers. Bangers are dead, all hail the king of the bangers. Goodbye Danger, you make my ears hurt...the highest compliment you can pay a banger-maker.
Boys Noize "Oh!' (Danger remix)
Danger "Revolte at 22H10"

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