Monday, July 28, 2008

Michael Joseph Jackson

I don't know about you, but I've been pretty unsatisfied with the state of Michael Jackson remixes these days. Most of the ones I have heard have been in the form of a hasty Ableton edit, a la Palms Out Sounds remix Sunday. Doesn't one of the greatest living entertainers deserve better? Which leads me to exhibit D ^ 3, the Dead Disco Drivers remix of Thriller. It is good, namely because of the cognitive association made by including the word Disco in their bloghouse handle. Dead Disco Drivers are two teenagers from Belgium, and, although their song "Disco is Dead" is absolutely awful, and their song "Metric Dance" sounds like a waterlogged Casio that fell out of my bum while I was finishing at the loo, I must say that their remix of Thriller is one of the most enjoyable Michael Jackson re-works I have come across in some time. All hail the king of the pops, and good job on the remix my Belgian buds.

Michael Jackson "Thriller" (Dead Disco Drivers rework)

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