Saturday, March 15, 2008

Strip Steve

This week, one of BOYSNOIZE records top maestros, Strip Steve, sits down to answer a few of our nosy questions. Representing Bordeaux, France, Strip Steve (real name, Théo Pozoga) made it rain with his Skip School EP. Now he is traveling all over Europe, bringing his signature Chicago and Detroit-influenced hard house sound to the dancefloors everwhere. His MTV remix of Adam Kesher's "Irene" is reminiscent of the hard filtered house sound that producers such as CZR made famous in the late 90s in Chicago. Strip Steve is undoubtedly headed for the forefront of the French Touch elite, version 3.0, in the wake of the success of countrymen Surkin, Para One, and Justice. Here's a word with Strip Steve himself:

Lindsaylovesme: The Skip School EP is fantastic and we've had it on repeat for a couple weeks now. What will you be working on next in terms of remixes and original productions? Any plans for collaborations?

Strip Steve: Thanks a lot, I'm happy you like it. I'm doing new tracks right now. I'm trying a lot of new stuff I didn't use on the 4 tracks that are featured on my first EP. I'm also doing remixes, but until everything is set and decided, I can't really tell...

Lindsaylovesme: Your myspace profile says you are from Bordeaux, a very famous wine region. What kind of vino do you prefer?

Strip Steve: What i like most is red wine. My favourites are Cantenac Brown and Pomerol, Chateau la pointe. I think St Emilion is overrated.

Lindsaylovesme: I've always been impressed with the volume and quality of French house music, but this past year in particular has seen a number of French producers gaining momentum around the world as the global leaders of dance music. Why do you think France is such a good incubator for musical talent?

Strip Steve: Of course we have a good electronic music history, with the wave around Daft Punk 10 years ago, and the years that followed, also with Air, Cassius, Laurent Garnier, French electronic music has really become a lot more heard. Now I can't precisely analyze hypes and trends, but electronic music is now back in France and all over the world, and with the huge help of the internet, it grows and enables a lot of people to discover and share music. I can't really tell if France is better or more productive musically than any other countries or if its just something that everybody imagines. But to sum it up, good food and good wine really made it happen in our souls.

Lindsaylovesme: Do you enjoy 80s pop music, and if so, what is your favorite song from that period?

Strip Steve: I'm really bad at picking ONE song over a period of ten years that goes through a lot of music styles, so I'll just say the artists I like most: Moroder, Prince, Taxi Girl, Lio, INXS, Joel & Garlo, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Billy Ocean & Telex.

Lindsaylovesme: Aside from France, where is the next area of the world that you expect to blow up musically in 2008?

Strip Steve: I can't really say I "expect to blow up" anywhere, but I'd be really happy if Americans like my music, cause that's where, apart from France, most of my influences are set in. Chicago & Detroit.

Thanks to Strip Steve for the tunes, and please come play the world capital of house music soon - that's Chicago!

Strip Steve "Ready Steady"

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