Tuesday, August 5, 2008


More good things from Mexico, from Bufi, and from Le Touch blog. I really like Mexico City. They have the best food, incredible museums, and if taking the train around there at midnight doesn't bring the fear of God into you, nothing will. I went there in 2003 and its still the biggest city I've ever visited. The highlight of my trip was making friends with a chap about my age from Sonora and these two girls from Norway. We went up to his uncle's place in the mountains and rode horses and drank tequila, it was just beautiful. Then I made up this game where we would drink as many shots of tequila as we could without making a face following the hoist. I think I lasted about six rounds before I passed out on the floor of my new friend's place on the southside of Mexico City. Now that the Distrito Federal is blowing up musically, I think its high time to return - Chevy, 3 night trip this Fall?
Bufi "Endless"

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