Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Letters in Numbers

I like the name, I like the concept, and I love how this unsigned band has decided to utilize setmymusicfree.com to distribute their tunes. It reminds me an awful lot of Vector Lovers' self-titled 2004 album on Soma records, except not as good...and uh, different. "Breathe" is catchy and I really like the beginning of "Hooked Pt. 2". Another group to watch once you've finished downloading the 17th remix of "Music is my hot hot sex" and the 240th and final chapter of the Chromeo remixes. In my humblest opinion, the Strip Steve remix of "Fancy Footwork" is the 2nd best Chromeo remix after the Guns n Bombs remix of the same track. Stay tuned for a post on Strip Steve, a possible heir to the French throne.

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