Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DJ Pumpkin Patch

Jordan dancing to a DJ Pumpkin Patch track in Cabo. Or was it a Dances With White Girls remix? Pumpkin, I listened to your Daft Punk mix like 4 times today at work. It was the soundtrack to my spreadsheet shakedown. I trust you are hard at work on that mash up and not slamming cocktails at Studio B in Brooklyn?

So how the hell does someone make a song this good and only get 10,182 hits on their myspace? Shit player, that's why I hustle dimes and not rhymes (and by dimes I mean spreadsheets, and by hustle I mean I will work long hours if my boss asks me to). Me and outputmessage were yakking and that incredibly untalented hack Fergie has 47,288,698 visitors to her pathetic pagina. Hey, only another 47,278,516 hits and you're all caught up! I was also listening to Clifford Lidell's latest, "You're Perfect" today too, and wow do I love that kid's sound. He somehow mixes like 40 tracks in 49 minutes without sounding like a complete ADD spazz. One of my top DJs to watch. What a disjointed post today. I'm through.

DJ Pumpkin Patch "Rushin'"



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