Sunday, February 10, 2008

5 Questions with Kill The Noise

We're kicking off a regular feature on the site called "5 Questions With..." and the series begins with Kill The Noise. KTN has exploded onto the scene with a rowdy mixtape, "Turn off, Tune in Vol 1", several tremendous remixes, and a lovely Kano-sampling track called "Pull My Strings". His remix of Music is My Hot Hot Sex was easily the most on point of the bunch. He also has one of the coolest graphics ever on his myspace - some very interesting cultural touchstones dude! Also, every article written about Kill The Noise thus far mentions that he's from Rochester, so I'll do that too. He's from Rochester, New York everybody!

So without further delay, let's see what the man has to say.

Lindsaylovesme: First of all, congratulations on all the positive reception you've been getting with your tracks, remixes, and the new mix on your myspace. has your remix of Cansei de Ser Sexy's "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" at the top of their weekly High Five, ahead of blog heavyweights Chromeo and Burial. So, provided the general public agrees with us, and Kill the Noise CDs top the charts, what kind of lifestyle changes would you envision?

Kill The Noise: Haha, man I don't think I've ever even thought of what would happen if I were to actually make it that far. I think that I probably wouldn't change much, except my studio setup. It's well overdue for some upgrades.

Lindsayloveme: Many artists grow up listening to music in their home, citing their parents record collection as a major influence on their early interest and aptitude in music. Was it the same for you, and if so, what kind of music do you remember listening to at home?

Kill The Noise: Well yeah, I think you can't help but be influenced by what your parents listen to. To be honest I was most influenced by the scores to the video games that I played in the 80's. Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Old Amiga games, stuff like that. I think honestly that was the first music I "listened to". I heard a lot of classic rock, jazz, and obviously anything that was big on the radio as a child, but it was those video game noises and sounds that really left a lasting impression on me I think!

Lindsaylovesme: When I think back at the year 2007, I think in my mind it might go down as the year of the live electronic show. Many artists (Daft Punk,Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, etc) were able to present tremendous live shows that were both exciting visually and groundbreaking musically. Do you envision a live show as well for Kill The Noise, and if so, what kind of setup would you use?

Kill The Noise: Well yes that would be a possibility. Anything is more exciting than some guy behind a coupla turntables. I've been working on a live set with a partner of mine on a different project called Ludachrist. It's a lot of work, but it's looking quite promising. Our first show is March 8th in San Francisco for Juxtapoz Magazine. I'm sure that the learning process developing Ludachrist live show will give way to many idea's for a possible Kill The Noise live set in the future. For now it's me on serato, which isn't bad either!

Lindsaylovesme: Aside from music, what are you into academically, spiritually, and guilty-pleasure wise?

Kill The Noise: I am almost completely consumed by my musical endeavors. Between Kill The Noise, my drum'n'bass project Ewun, Ludachrist, and other random things I barely have time to do much else! I hate to sound corny but honestly this whole journey finding my way through life and expressing myself musically has been my connection to my spiritual side. Guilty pleasures definitely involve alcohol and my friends.

Lindsaylovesme: What are your top 5 artists we should be checking out in '08?

Kill The Noise:

Treasure Fingers
Minus Music

Chromeo "Call Me Up" (Kill The Noise remix)

Thanks a ton to Jake for making this happen!

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